Jessica’s Ghost

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Funny, clever, beautifully written – it perfectly describes the transforming power of friendship.”

Costa Children’s Book Award Judges    10+ to Adult

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‘Do you have any idea,’ Jessica said eventually, ‘why you can see me, when no one else can?’

‘This is a story about being different, about the opportunities that life offers and what can happen when you fail to believe in them. Its big subject is simply told, but it is a resonant reminder of how much fun it is possible for us all to have.’  Sunday Times Culture March 27 2016

Synopsis by Beccy Judge at Books-a Go-Go who says it is “Good for the Soul“.

Francis has never had a friend like Jessica before. She’s the first person he’s ever met who can make him feel completely himself. Jessica has never had a friend like Francis before. Not just because he’s someone to laugh with every day – but because he’s the first person who has ever been able to see her …

‘Light of touch and yet rich in depth.’  
What a wonderful story and set of characters and a very sensitive and accessible discussion of a serious theme for young people.’


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Study Notes for Teachers pdf file to download

Scholastic Book Club Discussion Questions

Book Trust School Library Pack (Free)   Questions for Discussion. pdf download

Books for KeepsHow and why Jessica’s Ghost was written…

Video See what the students in St Wilfred’s School Book Club think of Jessica’s Ghost…

KHA LRC 1Students at King Harold Academy are busy in the library…

King Harold LRC Book Group discuss Jessica's Ghost

More artwork by inspired by Jessica’s Ghost
Reyna @PercabethOmg drawing

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Bart’s Bookshelf

Foreign Editions

jessica paperback       Friends for Life       jessicas-geist       jessicas-ghost-in-italian

Coming soon: Portuguese, Basque, Japanese…

Book Awards

Winner: Bolton Children’s Fiction Book Award 2017
Winner: Southwark Book Award 2017
Winner: Derbyshire Schools’ Book Award 2017
Leeds Book Award 2016
Winner: Calderdale Book Award 2016
Winner: Stockport Book Award 2016 – Best Teen Read

Shortlisted 2017: Leicester Reading Rampage,  Stockport Teachers Award ‘The Read’ and GDST
Costa Book Awards  & Lincolnshire Young Peoople’s Book Award
Carnegie Longlist 2016

Jessica’s Ghost Blog Tour
Letterbox Library – Mental Health
Visits from the Black Dog – a blog for @thebookseller about depression and children. It’s beautifully done.
Finding Your Inner Compass Review and conversation with Beth Kemp
ReadingZone  Author Interview about writing in general and Jessica’s Ghost in particular.
The Federation of Children’s Book Groups
Overflowing Library: Thoughts on a Challenging Read ….
Writerjames  An interesting review that compares and contrasts Jessica’s Ghost with John Green’s Looking for Alaska.*

 If you would like Jessica’s Ghost postcards in your bookshop, library, school or for your friends just let me know.  @thewriterswife

image‘Jessica’s Ghost is a funny, moving and beautiful book by a master storyteller, about the power of friendship to shine a warm light into dark places. David Fickling Books

The Guardian – ‘Witty and wise. for teenagers who are lucky enough, and unlucky enough, to be unconventional.’
The Guardian Why YA fiction needs to tell stories of mental illness.
Goodreads Reviews  5 Star Reviews
The Independent – ‘A spooky comedy turns into a heartening account of teenage depression especially for boys.’
Armadillo Magazine – review by Linda Newbery
Fluttering butterflies ‘From the start this book was always just a great story with great writing.’
Serendipity Reviews 
‘This is one of those books, that you can tell that every word written has been carefully selected. There isn’t any extra waffle, just a beautifully crafted tale...’
Books For Keeps – Book of the Week
Andrew Norriss perfectly describes the transforming power of friendship, it’s a heart-warming, uplifting read. Funny, clever, beautifully written, this wonderful book also shows how quickly life can change, so that it can appear impossible one moment, but be full of hope and possibilities the next. There should be a copy in every school and library.
Bart’s Bookshelf
‘I thought Jessica’s Ghost sounded like a really nice, light read, I could not have been more right, and yet more wrong at the same time…’
Snuggling on the Sofa  ‘First and foremost, this book is fun…  The story surprised me, and I love the perspective it gave.’ 

  • Paperback 7th April 2016
  • Hardcover 5th March
  • Publisher: David Fickling Books
  • ISBN-10: 1910200336
  • ISBN-13: 978-1910200339

BUY from

American Edition: Friends for Life by Andrew Norriss

  • Hardcover – 25 Aug 2015
  • Publisher: Scholastic/David Fickling Books
  • ISBN: 0545851866
  • ISBN13: 9780545851862

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