Was Gordon Wellesley Brittas a 20th Century Don Quixote?

Was Gordon Wellesley Brittas a 20th century Don Quixote? Brilliant article and really funny and clever video compilation illustrating the possibility. I’m not sure that Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen were aware of the idea when they were writing the series, but it certainly rings true here, and is poignant…

Divine Varod

CK12l2PWUAE0Iwl“There is either the maddest wise man or the wisest mad man in the world”

For many, many years I’ve been a fan of the story of “Don Quixote” the “Man from La Mancha” ever since I heard the songs from the 1964 musical performed on a TV show in the late 1980’s. Getting older I understood the song lyrics true meaning and became gripped by the story itself. The story written by Miguel de Cervantes between 1605 and 1615 was both satire and tragedy rolled into one. The sad tale of a man valiantly trying to do good but failing every time, unaware others see him as a joke. Oblivious of being mocked and despised even when it is done to his face.

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