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   Bernard’s Watch

“This was a television series about a boy with a watch that can stop time. It started as a single fifteen minute episode, but then someone suggested it might work as a series. I wrote four more stories and thought that would be it. After all, how many things can you do with a watch that stops time?

It turned out there were quite a lot. I wrote six series in the end (from 1996 to 2001) and the more I wrote, the more I enjoyed it. The series was directed by David Cobham and starred David Peachey. They are both the nicest peopleand I think some of their niceness spilled over into the series. I turned some of the stories into a book.” 

Andrew Norriss


Click on the links below for lots more information. 

Bernard’s Watch the book

TV Tropes

Bernard’s Watch episodes on Youtube

Wikipedia – Bernard’s Watch

Review comparing the original Bernard’s Watch with the revised series Bernard.

Andrew’s favourite episode : The Milkman (click here)

Bernard’s Watch eBook only £2.01 here

Bernard’s Watch is back as an eBook published by thewriterswife at only £2.01 & it’s still wonderful! This is the story that the Bernard’s Watch TV Series was based on. Bernard & Karen have a great time with the watch but when it falls onto the wrong hands it used in a very different way…

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