Why an Author Visit?

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Children’s Author Visits to Schools and Libraries

“There seems to be an equation that works something like this:
Children + Authors  = Inspiration for reading and writing.”
Portsmouth School Library Service


Your visit made a big impact on the children’s reading…” Wicor School, Fareham

Click here to read feedback from teachers and librarians.

Why have an Author Visit?

Having a children’s author come into school is a great way to inspire children’s reading and writing.  Hearing an author talk about how they got their ideas, how they construct their stories and hearing them read extracts from their books can really give children a buzz. Andrew has a personable friendly manner and loves to involve the children as much as possible. He leaves them so enthused that on many occasions when he is chatting to the staff at the end of the day, a red faced puffing child will appear having run all the way home and back again to get money to buy a book.

What makes an Author Visit in school successful?

Preparation is the key to a successful children’s author visit in school. If a strange man turns up in front of a class a lot of time has to be spent explaining who he is and why he is there, valuable time wasted for all involved. The easiest preparation is to follow Andrew’s ‘3 very useful things…’  which apply to any author visit:

1. Look at the Author’s Website

My website www.andrewnorriss.co.uk is designed with primary school children in mind, and teachers looking at it with their class, checking out the photos, books  and information, and thinking about questions their students might like to ask,  is probably the simplest and most effective prequel to an author visit.

2. Display the Author’s Books

If your library has copies of my books it’s nice if these have been put on display so that the children know they are there. If you don’t have them,  the School Library Service are always happy to send some out or you can order them from me and I’ll post them to you.

3. Read an Extract

Reading snippets of my books to the children, either in assembly or in class is an excellent way to give them a taste of the sort of stories I write. Click here for some suggestions if you’re wondering which bits to read.

There are lots more ideas for KS2 Literacy work  that schools have used for preparation and follow up to visits, and when using Andrew Norriss’s books as group or class readers, on the ‘KS2 Ideas for preparation and follow up…’ page.

Organising an Author Visit.

For more advice and ideas on the organisation of author visits in Primary school or to find a suitable athor, contact your Schools Library Service or check out the links inSchool Resources & Children’s Authors in the right hand column. Once you’ve had a successful visit you will reap the benefit in children who can’t stop reading – even the reluctant ones!

If you have suggestions or comments about any of my ideas, or activities that have worked well for you that you are willing to share, then I’d love to hear from you to improve on the resources that I have here. Write in the comment box below.

One Response to “Why an Author Visit?”

  1. DH Says:

    Hello Andrew

    Just dropping you a quick line to express a keen interest in arranging a possible school visit to Brighton (or, to be more precise Hove!) during March (or thereabouts.) Within our school, we are looking to develop a long life passion for books amongst both our children and staff, and would love for the whole school to have the opportunity to meet a real life author. Last year some of our pupils were fortunate enough to meet you at your talk at Mile Oak primary as part of the East Sussex Book Award. All those who attended – both pupils and parents – were captivated by your talk and motivated to pick up your books.

    If possible, we would love for you to come to our school this year – ideally, some time in March – to get the whole school excited about books.

    Kind regards,

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