Friends for Life

MG, YA and Adult new book out 25 August 2015                                                                             Buy

Friends for Life is the American Edition of  Jessica’s Ghost.

Publisher’s Weekly Best Middle Grade Books of 2015!
Parent’s Choice Awards Recommended 2015


‘Do you have any idea,’ Jessica said eventually,
‘why you can see me, when no one else can?’

When Jessica sits next to Francis on a bench during recess, he’s surprised to learn that she isn’t actually alive — she’s a ghost. And she’s surprised, too, because Francis is the first person who has been able to see her since she died.

A timeless and uplifting book about friendship, filled with humor and heart by a master storyteller, about the power of friendship to shine a warm light into dark places.’ Scholastic/David Fickling Books


‘Light of touch and yet rich in depth.’  
What a wonderful story and set of characters and a very sensitive and accessible discussion of a serious theme for young people.’

Shortlisted for Costa Book Awards 2016, Longlisted for 2016 UKLA Book Awards, and Longlisted for THE CILIP CARNEGIE MEDAL 2016


Read Chapter 1  here

Study Notes for Teachers – pdf file to download

Scholastic Book Club Discussion Questions

Questions for Discussion – (pdf download)


Publishers Weekly This memorable story will leave readers thinking about how small actions can have a significant impact.’ more

Kirkus Review  ‘A phantom friend makes a life-changing difference in the lives of three English middle schoolers.’ more
Reading Style Guide Told with humor and warmth, this exploration of the important ways that that friends are connected continues to haunt my thoughts.’ more
Children’s Atheneum There is a good deal of power in these pages and as truths are revealed, a great deal of revelation too.’ more
Goodreads Reviews

UK Reviews and Blogs about Jessica’s Ghost

Wondrous Reads
If you are wondering whether to read Jessica’s Ghost, this is the review that may help you decide…
“As with most of the books published by David Fickling, Jessica’s Ghost is unusual, important and quietly powerful. It holds within its pages a message that teenagers need more than any other, and it delivers that message with great sensitivity and understanding. It’s not at all what I was expecting…”  more

Serendipity Reviews (My personal favourite!)
‘This is one of those books, that you can tell that every word written has been carefully selected. There isn’t any extra waffle, just a beautifully crafted tale...’ more

Books For Keeps – Book of the Week
Andrew Norriss perfectly describes the transforming power of friendship, it’s a heart-warming, uplifting read. Funny, clever, beautifully written, this wonderful book also shows how quickly life can change, so that it can appear impossible one moment, but be full of hope and possibilities the next. There should be a copy in every school and library.  more

Bart’s Bookshelf
‘I thought Jessica’s Ghost sounded like a really nice, light read, I could not have been more right, and yet more wrong at the same time…’ more

Snuggling on the Sofa
‘First and foremost, this book is fun…  The story surprised me, and I love the perspective it gave.’ more

The GuardianWitty and wise. for teenagers who are lucky enough, and unlucky enough, to be unconventional.’

Jessica’s Ghost Blog Tour

Visits from the Black Dog – a blog for @thebookseller about depression and children. It’s beautifully done.

Finding Your Inner Compass – Review and conversation with Beth Kemp

ReadingZone  Author Interview about writing in general and Jessica’s Ghost in particular.

Jessica’s Ghost – a book review for #worldbookday
An interesting review that compares and contrasts Jessica’s Ghost with John Green’s Looking for Alaska.


 Friends for Life by Andrew Norriss

  • Hardcover – Aug-2015
  • Publisher: Scholastic/David Fickling Books
  • ISBN: 0545851866
  • ISBN13: 9780545851862

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