The Brittas Empire

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The Brittas Empire

Created by Andrew Norriss
Written by Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen
Directed by Mike Stephens

“The Brittas Empire was set in a leisure centre and was about a man who, despite having the best of intentions, always annoyed everyone he came across. It was the fourth sitcom that Richard Fegen and I wrote, and probably the best. It ran for five series between 1990 and 1994 and some of it was seriously good.

It was brilliantly produced and directed by Mike Stephens, had a wonderful cast, and is now available on dvd. The picture opposite is from one of my favourite episodes. Brittas has blown up the leisure centre (again) but emerges as hero after rescuing a small child (played by my son, Johnny).”  Andrew Norriss

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Does Gordon Brittas have Aspergers?

Extract from Sarah Abraham-son’s blog  Aspies on TV

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gordon Brittas is so obviously on the autism spectrum that Tony Attwood used him as an example of someone in the wrong job in his latest book1. Mr. Brittas runs a sports and leisure centre, and although his intentions are honourable, he does not manage his staff or plan his activities well. Mr. Brittas has an unusual, pedantic way of speaking, dresses unusually formally, and has poor social perception skills. He appears to have no friends. One of his staff members expresses that he frustrates her every time she speaks to him because although he has the “important things” right (his ethics and motivation), he fails on what she sees as the basics: social skills and common sense.

Mr. Brittas has a very anxious wife: perhaps choosing this man hoping for some security, not anticipating the numerous disasters which would result from his peculiar way of doing things. The reaction of other people to this widely known community eccentric is a large part of the comedy in these series. Staff members from another leisure centre take a field trip on a regular basis to see Mr. Brittas and experience his unusual behaviour. A local psychiatrist takes a call from Mr. Brittas about another staff member, and is keen to spent time with Mr. Brittas due to the wealth of material in this man.

Interestingly, the DVD extras in the third series of “The Brittas Empire” (Australian ABC release) include a talk show interview between Chris Barrie, the actor who plays Mr. Brittas, and host Terry Wogan. Mr. Wogan describes the character as being odious and unpleasant, perhaps missing the good intentions behind his behaviour. Chris Barrie then defends his character: in playing this man he has come to understand the reasons behind the behaviour many consider annoying.


4 Responses to “The Brittas Empire”

  1. Natalie Sherlock Says:

    I absolutely adore The Brittas Empire, As someone who is also Aspergers I realised straight away that Gordon has to be on the Spectrum and even when I watched it before I was Diagnosed I could always see it from his side and could see we were similar. It’s funny, since I have been Diagnosed I can see it in A lot of other TV characters, Mrs Bale in As Time Goes by for example. Thank you so much for writing and producing this most E-e-e-e-xcellent program that has given me so much joy and laughs

    • Rex Says:

      Aspergers has been removed from the latest DSM. So none of us can any longer call ourselves Asperger.

    • thewriterswife Says:

      E-e-e-e-xcellent news Natalie! Andrew was delighted to read your comment and really appreciates your kind words and is so glad that you enjoyed the programme. At the time of writing The Brittas Empire I’m not sure that Asperger’s was generally known about. The Brittas’ character was loosely based on someone Andrew had worked with in the past. Andrew loves a good story and is interested in how we all, in our different ways, try to puzzle our way through life, and if we can laugh along the way so much the better say I!
      Best wishes from @thewriterswife

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