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“This was a television series about two boys who find the lifepod from an Yrrillian spaceship and use it to have a very good time. Aquila can fly, it can carry the boys wherever they want to go and it can make itself invisible. It’s kind of a neat toy to have…

The stories were loosely based on my book and two series were commissioned (in 1997 and 1998) by the wonderful Marilyn Fox (that’s her in the picture with me on location) and made by my very talented friend David Bell. It got a Bafta nomination, was shortlisted for the RTS Best Children’s Drama and I would have liked to write dozens more stories about Geoff and Tom. Who knows, perhaps one day I will.” Andrew Norriss



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5 Responses to “Aquila”

  1. Ste Says:

    I loved this show as a kid and just found them on youtube then found this looking for a 3rd series. wish there were more Great work.

    • thewriterswife Says:

      Thank you so much! Andrew will be delighted to hear that. Aquila the book is read in schools everywhere and I think the TV series is being digitised for BBC online.

      • James Frost Says:

        Hello! I wondered if there was any more information about the series being digitized? I’m currently reading the book to my son, having been a huge fan of it as a child myself. It’s a shame that the only copy of the series seems to be a very low resolution version on Youtube!

      • thewriterswife Says:

        Hello James. Sadly we never heard any more about a digital version of Aquila. So many good children’s programmes back in the 90s that

      • thewriterswife Says:

        Hello James. Sadly we never heard any more about the digital version of Aquila. There were so many good children’s dramas back in the 90s that would be enjoyed again now but no news so far. I hope your son enjoys the book. There were many good books written back then too… not so sure that many modern ones will stand the test of time!
        Best wishes.

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