“Thinking is more powerful than many people realise.
It is what we think, after all, that shapes our lives and our world.
You have to do something as well, of course, but it always starts with the thinking.”
Andrew Norriss

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Felix Unlimited

Felix is no ordinary boy. With the help of his friends, he’s started his own business, and he soon has thousands of pounds stashed under his bed. But it’s not all smooth sailing… especially because he hasn’t told his parents yet! Friendship troubles, family drama, finances and fast cars – it’s a lot for one boy to cope with. But this is Felix… and he’s not going to let anything hold him back.








When tennis star Floyd sees a boy that no one else can, his parents think a few visits to a sports psychologist will help sort him out. But Mike turns out to have a role all of his own, one that transforms Floyd’s life beyond imagining.





Jessica’s Ghost

Francis has never had a friend like Jessica before. She’s the first person he’s ever met who can make him feel completely himself. Jessica has never had a friend like Francis before. Not just because he’s someone to laugh with every day – but because he’s the first person who has ever been able to see her …

Jessica’s Ghost is a funny, moving and beautiful book by a master storyteller, about the power of friendship to shine a warm light into dark places.’ David Fickling Books


Archie’s Unbelievably Freaky Week

Archie is an accident waiting to happen. He can’t help it. Thank goodness Archie’s best friend Cyd is always there to sort out the mess. Join Archie and Cyd for a week of completely surprising and outrageously funny escapades at school.


I Don’t Believe It, Archie!

Odd things happen to Archie every day. Some very odd things. You won’t believe the extraordinary scrapes that Archie can get himself into! Archie soon discovers, if odd things have to happen to him, it’s a lot better if they happen when Cyd’s around.




Winner of the Whitbread Children’s Book Award
While bunking off on a geography field-trip, Tom and Geoff have found Aquila (it means ‘eagle’ in Latin) a vehicle that has lain hidden for centuries. It turns out to be a fantastic flying machine that can travel incredible distances, take them wherever they wish and even make itself invisible.

Puffin Modern Classic Edition


Aquila 2

Aquila can you take you anywhere. It’s getting back that can be tricky . . .   After a trip to New York, the Tom and Geoff are eager for more fun, but with almost endless possibilities for excitement, will they be able to keep Aquila a secret for long? Or will a simple mistake reveal everything and ruin the fun forever?




When Alex is given a laptop by Godfather John for his birthday, he finds it has a Ctrl-Z function that goes one better. It lets him ‘undo’ time. If he wants to, he can rewind his life to any point that day. Which is kind of handy for those occasions when things didn’t go too well first time round, and he’d like the chance to try again.


The Unluckiest Boy in the World

This is the story of Nicholas Frith, who falls under an ancient curse while on holiday in Spain, and finds that misfortune and calamity now follow him wherever he goes. Naturally, not many people want to be friends with him, but at his new school, one girl is prepared to take the risk…



The Touchstone

This is the story of how one of the most valuable objects in the galaxy falls into the hands of a very ordinary English schoolboy, Douglas Paterson, and what he decides to do with it. Like so many things that are supposed to make life easier, this one starts off by making everything very difficult!


The Portal

William and his brother Daniel come home from school one day to find their parents have disappeared. It’s the first of a series of shocks they have to cope with, not the least of which is finding that their house has been built over an inter-stellar portal.




Bernard’s Watch

Bernard’s Great Aunt gives him a watch that can stop time. You press the button at the top and   everything stops – except you. It’s a neat trick if you want to finish your homework in a hurry or skip school and take a stroll into town, but it does more than that. Much, much more!




Matt’s Million

When Matt Collins gets a cheque in the post for £1,227,309.87p, he’s not sure if it’s really his or whether he’ll ever be allowed to spend it. But it is his, he can spend it on whatever he wants, and that’s exactly what he does…



Bernard’s Watch

(Galaxy Children’s Large Print Books)




New Longman Literature

Listing of editions of Andrew Norriss books in the World Catalogue here.


4 Responses to “Books”

  1. Rishav Chatterjee Says:

    I love Ctrl-Z because it was an interesting story of two boys like me. I wish Andrew Norriss wrote another book on Alex and Callum. I learnt that it is ok to make mistakes.We all do and we learn from our mistakes.

  2. meopham Says:

    I agree Rishav. It is great to be able to make a mistake and know it’s not a disaster but can guide us in the future so that we can enjoy life more. And have fun!

  3. Serene Wong Says:

    Hi, I am from Singapore and I would like to purchase some books by Andrew Norriss.
    Kindly advise if there is a publishing company or agent in Singapore that I could contact?
    Alternatively, can I order on line?


    • meopham Says:

      Hello Serene,
      Andrew Norriss’s books are certainly perfect for children reading English as a second language – you have chosen well! I know they are used in China and Hong Kong. The ISBN numbers for Andrew’s books are on the individual book pages of my website and the contact address for Puffin books in Singapore is below. If you want ‘I Don’t Believe It, Archie’ then I let me know how many copies are required and I’ll ask at David Fickling Books how that might be arranged.
      Hope that helps and do get in touch again if more help is needed it’s wonderful to have Andrew’s books spread around the world…

      Singapore & Malaysia
      Penguin Singapore & Malaysia
      23/25 First Lok Yang Road
      SINGAPORE 629733


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