Bernard’s Watch


Bernard’s Watch

“Bernard’s Great Aunt gives him a watch that can stop time. You press the button at the top and everything stops – except you. It’s a neat trick if you want to finish your homework in a hurry or skip school and take a stroll into town, but it does more than that. Much, much more!

This is probably my favourite of all the books I’ve written. It was loosely based on the television series I’d written and the more I thought about it, the more fun things there seemed to be that you could do with frozen time. It also gave me a chance to say what I thought happens when time stops for all of us.”    Andrew Norriss


Bernard’s Watch is currently out of print but available as an eBook here.

Bernard & Karen have a great time with the watch but when it falls onto the wrong hands it used in a very different way…

Bernard soon finds he can use it to score a goal in football, pass difficult maths exams and deal with school bullies. But the watch also has the power to harm. How will Bernard cope with his magical possession? An entertaining and thought-provoking story.” Digital Audio Books

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Chapter 1

Bernard’s aunt gave him the watch at a little after two o’clock on a Thursday afternoon in early February. Later, he would sometimes wonder why his aunt chose to give it to him at that particular time or, indeed, why she chose to give it to him at all, instead of to somebody else. But whatever the reason, he was always extremely grateful to her. It was the perfect present at the time because, at the time, time was exactly what he needed. Strictly speaking, she was not Bernard’s aunt, but his Great Aunt. She was the sister of his mother’s mother and her full name was Mrs Beatrice Anne Temperley, but everyone called her Aunt Bee. She was a short woman with short grey hair, who walked with the help of a short stick, and when she saw Bernard standing on the pavement at the end of her garden, she knew immediately that something was wrong. Apart from the worried look on his face, there was the fact that he wasn’t wearing any trousers… more.


Bonzo – 4 Feb 2011

my 9 year old son has read all of Andrew Norriss’ books and this was the last one to read – and one of the best. I would really recommend this writer to anyone say 7-10/11 – the books have such imaginative and gripping storylines that are easy to relate to and are often real ‘page-turners’. We are hoping that another book will be published soon…


What would you do if you had a watch that could stop time?

When Bernard finds himself outside of school during the lunch break, his Aunt B. gives him a special watch with the power to stop time. With it, Bernard need never be late for anything again, and begins using the watch to help himself and others. He becomes star of the school football team by playing in goal, waiting for the ball to come his way, then stopping time and moving into a position where he can stop the goal being scored. He stops time so he can find out the answers to difficult maths and other academic problems, and to hand school bullies over to the police without them knowing how they came to be hanging on railings outside the police station. But the watch also has a power for great harm. While Bernard can use it to stop time and move someone out of the way of a car accident, someone else could use it to move him into the path on an oncoming bus. And can the watch stop time from running out for his elderly Aunt B.?

Andrew Norriss shines in this book; his writing is sensitive, humorous and thought-provoking all at once. The relationships between the characters are extremely important, and Norriss doesn’t just focus on the children. He give times to the personalities of Aunt B. and the thoughts of Mr. Beasley and his neighbour, and shows Bernard’s change through their eyes as well as Bernard’s own. It is refreshing for the listener to have time to appreciate the reactions of Bernard’s close family and friends, as well as the police sergeant who finds himself mysteriously caught up in events where things seem to appear and or disappear into thin air. It is enjoyable by both children and adults.

The audio book runs at approximately 3 and a half hours, perfect for a long car journey.

by Louise Anne Bateman, WATERSTONE’S CRAWLEY


 Buy the eBook here

Paperback: 144 pages
thewriterswife eBook May 2012
Puffin Books; (7 Oct 1999)
New edition edition (6 May 2004)

ISBN-10: 0141308966
ISBN-13: 978-0141308968

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