Thoughts on a Challenging Read…

Those of you who have read Andrew Norriss’ books will know that they are enjoyed by any age. There is no swearing or violence, nothing gritty or urban. Here are his thoughts on challenging reads and how Jessica’s Ghost is a little different to his previous books. With our thanks to Kirsty.

Thoughts on a Challenging Read ….
You know how, when you pick up a book and read the blurb on the back, there are certain words which act as flashing red lights warning you that this one’s not for you? more

Jessica’s Ghost – a book review for #worldbookday

Cubik's Rube

There’s a new book released today – on World Book Day, no less! – called Jessica’s Ghost, by Andrew Norriss. It’s a book which you should buy for any young people you know, but also read it first yourself before you give it to them, so that you get to read it before they do. It’s the Book of the Week over at Books for Keeps, and hey, I’ve just decided it’s Book of the Week right here at Cubik’s Rube as well. That’s two major plaudits in one paragraph! The buzz around this thing is electrifying.

It’s the latest book from a successful and long-standing children’s author with an impressively hefty back catalogue, who’s won various awards for his writing over the years, but more importantly is also really good at it.

(Any resemblance between his surname and my own is purely non-coincidental.)

So, here’s the…

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