Jessica’s Ghost Blog Tour

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Jessica’s Ghost Blog Tour


To celebrate the publication of Jessica’s Ghost, Andrew Norriss is on a Blog Tour.
That means he gets to do what he likes best – stay at home and write…

1. The Federation of Children’s Book Groups

Andrew was invited to write about the first chapter of Jessica’s Ghost, and you can download Chapter 1 for free too.

“A ten year old boy once told me that the reason he liked my books was that I didn’t fill them with ‘long descriptions of trees and things’. He said I just ‘got on with the story’. I was very flattered.

My Ladybird book on How to Succeed in Writing told me how important it is – particularly in the first chapter – to ‘get on with the story’.  more…

2. Wondrous Reads 
Ghost stories… by Andrew Norriss
I don’t usually like ghost stories. Well, not the sort you tell late at night that send a shiver down your spine and make you want to keep the light on while you go to sleep. Some people like to be frightened like that, but I don’t. I’m scared of quite enough things already without adding ghosts to the list. more
3. Overflowing Library.
Thoughts on a Challenging Read ….
You know how, when you pick up a book and read the blurb on the back, there are certain words which act as flashing red lights warning you that this one’s not for you?  more
4. Young Writers

To Plan or not to Plan…
The actress Sarah Miles has a story of how she wanted to find out what her husband actually did when he disappeared off to his study for hours each day. He was Robert Bolt (world famous screenwriter) and she knew he was busy ‘writing’ but… what did that involve exactly? more

5. Serendipity Reviews

Where the Ideas Flow…
I work in what, when the house was built, was the dining room. It suits me very well. A four second commute from the kitchen and there I am.
When I started writing, in the 1970’s, my desk had a pad of lined paper, a bic biro and a 1940’s portable typewriter. It’s a bit more hi-tech these days…more

Following  Your Inner Compass
Jessica’s Ghost tackles a weighty subject (depression and suicide) for young readers; where did the idea for the book come from?
It’s not an idea I consciously chose. I would not have dared. more
Visits from the Black Doga blog about depression and children. It’s beautifully done.
‘Back in the days when I had regular visits from the Black Dog – the phrase Churchill used to describe his occasional bouts of depression – what really pigged me off was the lack of any objective reason for it all. If I had been in chronic pain, or unjustly imprisoned, you could understand it, but I faced nothing like that. In fact one of the worst bouts came when, on any rational basis, I appeared to have everything I had ever wanted. It is called, I am told, ‘endogenous depression’. Depression without any apparent cause.’ more
Tell Andrew any thoughts you have about Jessica’s Ghost or any of the blog posts.
They will only be public if you give permission.


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