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“Of all the things I ever wrote, this was the one that made me cry at how it just never came off the screen the way it was meant to. It should have done. It starred the amazing Richard Griffiths and was produced by John Howard Davies (who directed Fawlty Towers) – but it just didn’t get off the ground.

Richard Fegen and I wrote two series before they pulled the plug in 1988 and it still upsets me to think about it. It was about two amiable upper class gents trying to come to terms with the idea of working for a living.

Ah, well. Win some, lose some, eh…” Andrew Norriss


Ffizz Synopsis
Ffizz was a comedy series which aired on the ITV network in the United Kingdom.
It was about two friends called Jack Mowbray and Hugo Walker who ran an upmarket wine store.
The second series saw them having hit hard times and they found themselves working in a supermarket.

IMDb Episode Information

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