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Imagine if you had £1 million to spend on Christmas. Think it would make things easier? Then consider having all that money when aged eleven. Fun yes, but it can also throw up a few unexpected consequences.

This weekend 22/23 December you don’t need any money at all to download the Matt’s Million eBook by Andrew Norriss and find out how Matt got on after a very large cheque arrived in the post for him.

Click on the Matt’s Million Book cover for the link.

Andrew Norriss is the author of I Don’t Believe It, Archie! proud possessor I of a STARRED review from the American Library Association and writes with a light comic touch. Enjoy!

£1 Million Pound Give Away!

£1 Million Pound Give Away!

Well not really of course but the book Matt’s Million by Andrew Norriss will be free to download at the weekend 21st – 24th December 2012.  Click on the book cover below or here for more information.

Ever wondered what it would have been like to have  had £1 million or ($2 million) when you were 11 years old? Andrew Norriss did and so he wrote Matt’s Million as a way of experiencing it vicariously, and it turned out that having that sort of money is, like so many things in life, a little more complicated than you might think. Yes you can go out and buy everything you want – but will it fit in your house when you get it home? You could move to the house of your dreams but then you might not be near your friends anymore, and who are these ‘new friends’ anyway? You can buy people expensive presents but when they don’t accept them as cheerfully as you expected life gets a little confusing.

Matt’s Million is a greatly entertaining read as you imagine yourself in Matt’s place thinking about what you would buy or do in his situation, and as in all Andrew Norriss’ books everything is happily resolved with a most satisfying ending. I love Mr Kawamura’s advice – it should be given to everyone at an early age.

A delightfully engaging story with believable characters, a clever plot and told with a light humour it is your to enjoy for free this weekend.

Yes, free. Absolutely no catch. Let me know if you enjoy it. Click on the cover…

Matt's Million eBook

Matt’s Million was made as a children’s TV series and some episodes are to be found online.

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