Edoardo, Edwin and Oswald…

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Edoardo, Edwin and Oswald…

EdwinOswald by Edoardo AlbertEdoardo-Albert1

I am a writer’s wife and one of the roles I have taken upon myself is to check online for any mentions of the writer, and that is how I discovered the wonderful writing of Edoardo Albert. I found Edoardo’s reviews of my writer’s books on Goodreads. They were so perceptive and beautifully written with wit, wisdom and originality. In particular my writer was astounded that Edoardo described exactly the way he writes (’with not a single spare word – achieved by boiling the word stew down until only the strongest broth remains’), and picked out the very essence of the story that he had wanted to convey. With delicious serendipity, by passing on our thanks and appreciation to Edoardo via Twitter, a connection was made and we were fortunate enough to discover Edwin and Oswald, Books 1 & 2 in The Northumbrian Thrones Series.

I have to admit to some trepidation when Edoardo generously sent us copies of Edwin and Oswald. We know many writers and I try to read their books, but mostly they are not the style of story or writing that I enjoy and so I keep quiet and have certainly never attempted to write a review. Imagine my relief and great delight when I started Edwin and loved it from the very first paragraph. I immediately felt at home and in safe hands. This was a writer I could trust; beautifully told stories that are so readable; the barest descriptions bringing alive another time and place; characters who feel so real. Without any emotional manipulation I cared about the lives of people from long ago and on occasion wept. Edoardo has the gift, as my writer does too, of writing without long descriptions and yet making pictures in my head. I don’t understand how they do it but it works. I admit to images from Game of Thrones appearing in my head when reading Oswald!

Edwin and Oswald are the best historical fiction; wonderful stories that give a complete view of life in those early times including religion, and the gradual change in beliefs and values. Christianity which has played such a large part in our history is subtly integrated as a natural part of people’s lives. I found it most interesting to read about its introduction and the effect it had on people’s lives and thinking. Oswald is such an interesting character as he wrestles with convention, family and tribal expectations, and the growing feeling that there might better way to live and rule. Beautifully done.

When I got to the end of Edwin in a very short time I was just so pleased to have Oswald to hand. Bernard Cornwall said Edwinleaves the reader wanting more’, and I would add so does Oswald! The only thing that could have made these books better is if there were more of them and I look forward to Oswiu, Book 3 in The Northumbrian Thrones Series in the future.

Edoardo Albert has a great gift for words and story telling that I could never begin to emulate
so enough of me,
go and read his books. They are a real treat. @thewriterswife

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  1. Edoardo Albert (@EdoardoAlbert) Says:

    Thank you so much, Jane, for such a lovely and perceptive article. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know you both (and just as great a pleasure to read Andrew’s work).

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